Work Shops

Work Shops


Workshops, key at the beginning of you're journey into the Arts. We hope to simplify these steps to help you gain the basic knowledge behind the Crafts for hobby or business.

Our Workshops are hosted and taught by Trained Professionals with years of in the field experience. Learn about the tools and material used by the Pro's, make informed purchases on the right products and save money by seeing theme in action. Breakdown the old stories and mysteries behind these old Crafts.

Workshops Offered:

  • Sign Painting and Hand Lettering Workshop
  • Layout and Letter Design Workshop
  • Pinstriping Basics Workshop
  • Basic Surface and Glass Gilding Workshop
  • Commercial Reverse Glass Gilding Workshop
  • Advanced Reverse Glass Gilding Workshop
  • Glue Chipping Reverse Glass Workshop
  • Silk Screening Signs and Graphics Workshop (Recomended for Gilders)


Current workshops are listed below, class sizes are limited, register soon.

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Gold Leaf Reverse Glass Gilding Workshop 3-Days

Beginner to Intermediate Commercial Sign Shop GildingBeginner to Intermediate Commercial Sign Sh..