Gold Leaf Workshop

Gold Leaf Workshop

West Coast Gold leaf workshop Class
Commercial Sign Shop Level, Instructed by Ron Percell
Starting MAY 15th, 16th and 17th 2014

Workshop Limited to 10 students, register before class fills up

2 Classes: Optional, take both or only one. *Pre-Registration Required for each class

Class 1
Silk Screen Basics for Gilding Workshop, 1day class

Wednesday, MAY 16th 2014
This group will be working on special separate panel for those who attend this early workshop using
Project will be making a 1 color Screen of your Company Logo in which you’ll use to make a Glass panel.
We’ll walk you through our steps in making a silk screen for reverse glass gilding.
9 am – 5 pm schedule, 1 hr. lunch break. Silk Screen, Squeegee Glass Panel included.
*You must supply a copy of your logo ahead of time!

Workshop video below 

A short video on a Silk Screen Basics for Reverse Gilded glass Gold leaf workshop hosted at Letterhead Sign Supply. Silk Screening can add alot to your skills and business.

 additional information listed below


Registration Fee:
*Separate Registration fee for this class of $300.00


Class 2
Beginner to Intermediate Commercial Sign shop Gilding, 3 day class

2 glass panels, Silk-Screened, 2 tone gilding Chicago Style, inlayed Abalone & Jewels, Mica Powders & Glitters.
9 am – 5 pm schedule, 1 hr. lunch break. 

Thursday, MAY 15th 
Work on 2 separate panels, while waiting the glue to chip the glass,

we’ll roll into Water Gilding
Part 1: Sand Blasted & Glue Chipped Glass, Prep, Blasting Masks, Chemicals, & Drying techniques.

Part 2: Water Gilding Reverse Glass, prep, sizing, backing up, detail clean-up, & touch-ups.

Friday, MAY 16th
Part 3: Silk-Screen both panels with back-up and get ready to learn a new level of Detail work.
Learn the Tools & Techniques used in post Gilding Clean up, touch up and Repairing a gild after Backing-Up Gilds.

Part 4: Surface Gilding with Oil Based Sizes. Understanding Gold Size Tack & Set-up.
Candy Apple Gold Leaf Techniques by Ron Percell.

Saturday, MAY 17th
Applying Abalone, Mother of Pearl & Mica Powders.
Open Ed Discussions through Afternoon and time to work on Panels

Supplies provided for use on panels at workshop:
2 Glass panels, Workshop Shirt, Drinks & Snacks.
Hide Glue, Abalone, Mica Powder, Jewels, Transparent ink, Asphaltum, Gold & Gelatin Size, Back-Up Paint,
Sign Paints, cotton, Razor Blades, Dowels, Window Spar, Wax Paper, Shadow Kaolin.

Supplies to Bring:
3 books 23kt Loose Gold Leaf, 1 book of 18kt or 13.25 Loose Gold Leaf, Lettering Brushes, Gilders Mop, Surplus Removal Brush, x-acto knife & blades, & Gilders Tip.

Registration Fee:
*Separate Registration fee for this class of $750.00


workshops are photographed & video recorded for promotional uses.

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Gold Leaf Reverse Glass Gilding Workshop 3-Days

Beginner to Intermediate Commercial Sign Shop GildingBeginner to Intermediate Commercial Sign Sh..