Asphaltum Varnish

Asphaltum Varnish

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Asphaltum Varnish

Asphaltum Varnish, 1 Pint U.S., is used in reverse glass sign work, in sandblasting frosted glass, glue chipping as a resist and shading effects. The darkening liquid for creating shade effects on gold leaf. Letterhead Sign Supply carries "Gilder's Asphaltum Varnish", manufacture in the USA.

Asphaltum Varnish is one of the worlds oldest of coating still used today. Asphaltum Varnish in a glaze is capable of creating wide spectrum of color. Thin coats of Asphaltum Varnish appear light gold, while Medium coats of Asphaltum Varnish create rich Copper tones, Heavy coats of Asphaltum Varnish create Bronze Burnt Umber undertones and Very thick coats of Asphaltum Varnish appear Black and opaque.

Many Antique Vintage Mirrors have Asphaltum Varnish as the original Backing Paint after the Glass was Silvered, Asphaltum Varnish was applied to add depth and scratch protection.

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