Gold Leaf by Karat

Gold Leaf by Karat
Gold Leaf by Karat, various karats of golds are alloyed (mixed) with pure Silver, Copper and other precious metals to achieve a variety of colors and shades.  A higher gold content and/or greater amount of copper will result in deeper or darker tones of leaf.  The purer the  Gold is by Karat, the less likely the Gold tarnish due to less Silver or Copper that tarnish quikly. Higher grades of gold leaf also burnish easier to hide seams. In the lower karats of leaf such as 18kt, 16kt, 13.25kt, 12kt and 6kt, gold is alloyed with silver or other metals to achieve lighter colors. Gold Leaf is 3-3/8" x 3-3/8" inches square. Sold By the Book - containing 25 sheets of gold, or by a Pack - Which contain 20 Books (500 sheets of gold). gold leaf by karat, 18kt gold leaf, 16kt gold leaf, 13.25kt gold leaf, 12kt gold leaf, 6kt gold leaf, patent gold leaf, loose gold leaf, book gold leaf, pack gold leaf, rolled gold leaf available.
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