Wizard Typhoon Scroll Striper Brush Size 2 Series 84

Wizard Typhoon Scroll Striper Brush Size 2 Series 84

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Mack Brush Series 84 Size 2
Wizard Typhoon Scroll Striper Brush

Made with Pure Kazan Squirrel Hairs
Comes with a Bronze Handle

"The Wizard" worked closely with Mack Brush to develop this great line of scroll brushes.

Wizard Typhoon - "Just a 'hair' faster than the Vortex, but with all the quality, this baby moves right along.  As fast as you can think of a design, they typhoon seems to read your mind and anticipate your next move.  The hair was chosen for quick response time and accurate placement on any surface.  I especially like this brush for motorcycle work because of the curved surfaces and the brushes 'forgiveness' in tight turns.  I am amazed at its performance every time I use it."  - STEVE "The Wizard" CHASZEYKA

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